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3 Steps to Superior Support

Why wait to get an answer? You shouldn't have to, that is why we offer a self-serve support centre. We have added flash tutorials for your control panel and for several commonly used programs. And we did not stop there, as new questions come in from customers we add them to our knowledgebase and keep it growing to give you unprecedented support.

When you want some additional help or want to interact with our resident web experts, you can join in our community forums. Here you can post questions and answer on issues that we might not support, but our customers have vast experience and knowledge in.

If you have searched the knowledgebase and the forums and still can't find what you need. Send us a support ticket. If you have not registered for a support account, you will need to do this before submitting a ticket, your hosting account username and password will NOT work. This is a security measure we use to keep your account safe and protected.



- Check through our extensive "Knowledge Base" for instant answers to your most common hosting questions. Check this section first before posting a support ticket.

Network Status

- Check the network status of our Australian and US web servers.


- View our flash tutorials for your control panel and for several commonly used programs

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- Join our community forums and meet other Alpine Internet customers.


- Our support desk is manned 24/7 to ensure prompt responses to all your support requests.

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